Brompton Bikes: Best of British

Every now and again a brand really grabs my attention. Whether it is their style, their values or how their promote themselves, certain brands just make me smile for all the reasons. This one just sums up everything I love about the UK’s love affair with cycling.

Brompton is the UK’s largest bike manufacturer and is as quintessentially British as having afternoon tea sat next to a corgi. conceived and built in London, the company aims to provide people confined by the sometimes claustrophobic nature of the urban concrete jungles of the UK and the world, the freedom and independence to express themselves.

 Their Brompton sets them free from the constraints imposed by the combustion engine, city planners, the weather, public transport administrators, bike thieves and countless other layers of complexity.

This freedom and independence is shown in every aspect of the business. While the customer can customise almost every aspect of their Brompton, the way in which the bikes are hand-made allows the men and women behind the scenes the opportunity to add their own personal touch to each bike they build. During the brazing process, each brazer leaves their initials stamped on the bike, making this a truly personal process.

Much like other key players in the cycling industry, Brompton doesn’t advertise, but relies on its growing social media following and also on word of mouth, something which I like to call ‘commuter envy’ – that feeling of jealousy that you experience when you’re sweating in a car in the middle of city rush hour traffic and you are overtaken with ease by a cyclist darting through the traffic who will most likely be home by the time you get to the end of the road (can you tell I spend a lot of time commuting).   brompton

While the country’s love affair with cycling continues thanks to the influence of Chris Froome and our recent success as the Rio Olympics, Brompton’s popularity with Britain’s commuters looks set to grow. This is a brand that is here to stay. I look forward to its future plans – hopefully one day with a Brompton in hand.


Do you own a Brompton or know someone who does? 

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