Sorry seems to be the hardest word – Management of a crisis

Hello all,

Don’t worry, I’m still here, nobody panic! Uni assignments are current taking over my day to day life so I have lifted my head out of the growing pile of books for a few seconds to say hello to the world, and what a day to do that.

As I did a quick sweep of today’s news before getting on with my work, the continuing tales of the #WarOnTerrier caught my eye. Those of you who are unaware of the story behind this witty play on words – this is the story about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard failing to declare their dogs when entering Australia last year. Depp and Heard arrived Down under yesterday sans dogs ready to head to court today. Anyone browsing online media today will undoubtedly see the pair’s video of apology. (if that is what you can call it)  The video, which looks more like a school punishment than a serious matter is a toe curling reminder that effective management of a crisis is vital to a reputation.

I’m not saying that this video will be what the next generation think of when you say the word ‘Depp’ but it may take a long time to forget – not due to the horror of their crime but their performance.We have all seen examples of poor media performances from CEO’s or politicians when we really expect them to step up and take ownership or even responsibility of the given situation but how would you react if this ‘apology’ came from a commercial brand or government office in a crisis??





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