There’s a Starman waiting in the sky.

Firstly, let me apologise for my blog neglect. I have been so busy with semester 1 coursework, but as we reach mid January (already?) I’m gearing up for Semester 2 now so i’ll be around a lot more.

Secondly, this isn’t going to be an easy post for me to write, nor is it going to be PR focused but after such a shock I feel I need to try and get my head around how I feel.

This week my hero died.

David Bowie has passed away… That is a sentence I never thought I would have to write and to be honest I’m not dealing with it particularly well but at the same time I am puzzled how I am supposed to grieve for someone I didn’t know or had never met…

But I did know him, we all did. His music has been a constant in people’s lives since the seventies and for many it has been the soundtrack to their life. So now the source of those spectacular, life defining tracks has left this world, there is a void, a void that can never be filled. While I know we will always have his music to remember him by, Bowie transcended music, that is the amazing thing about his legacy, it has touched everything. Not only was he one of the best musicians this country has ever produced but he was a talented actor, an artist, a poet, an early advocate for the internet, fashion icon and inspiration to the LBGT communities. We have him to thank for so much in our society. He has shaped our culture, so what do we do now without him and his social guidance? I honestly don’t know.

While his Iconic status never dwindled, Bowie remain intensely mysterious. He will forever be seen as a master of innovation and reinvention, he kept the public on their toes as none of us knew what he was going to do next, particularly in his final years. The excitement I felt when a new Bowie album was released was akin to the feeling you get as a child on Christmas day or when it snows for the first time that year. To me it meant he was still reinventing himself after all these years, he had the public wrapped around his little finger and I loved it. I had the same excitement in the lead up to last week’s release of ‘BlackStar’ – the tracks left me in awe of him yet again and with an overwhelming hope that he might tour, something I never got to experience sadly, but these amazing songs have taken on new haunting meanings that I’m not entirely comfortable watching or listening to again just yet.

There have been many tears since Monday, tears that still seem never ending but these tears are slowly turning into pride at how Bowie regained control of his life in his dying days to ensure that he was remembered for the right reasons.

Sleep well Starman. I miss you





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