Rapha – Guiding the 21st Century’s sartorially inclined cyclist

There are certain things that we accept go together hand in hand but it would appear that the hottest fashionable pairing of 2015 is Cycling and Fashion. I am sure that like me when you think of cycling, the first thing that comes to mind is the dreaded Lycra, which fair enough is OK if you’re Chris Froome and you’re powering your way up Alpe d’Huez but for us mere mortals…really? In a sea of mass produced, garishly coloured jerseys, there is one brand that is single handedly changing the face of cycling apparel, not only for the experts but for every day commuters and club cyclists alike.

Leading the way in what is a revolutionary fusion of sport and style is Rapha. A brand that was created to celebrate road riding but designs its products to reflect the desire for optimum performance while maintaining an air of style for the modern cyclist. This style is bringing a company that has its foundations firmly planted in the grassroots of road racing to the forefront of British fashion via winding routes of the Tour De France.

Most commonly know for its partnership with Tour De France giants, Team Sky. Rapha’s collections cater for a wide customer base of fashion savvy cyclists. Ranging from their  Pro Team Aero Jersey , a product that has be reconfigured to optimise aerodynamics while ensuring wearer comfort with the inclusion of ColdBlack technology.
This attention to detail and optimisation has made this £130 product the jersey of choice for Team Sky and its riders.
On the other end of the scale is Rapha’s ‘city’ range of fashionable commuter wear. This beautifully crafted collection of inconspicuous cycle wear features tailored shirts, jeans and leather gloves. The city range See’s Rapha take a side step in to the casual market. A market that features household names such as Ted Baker and Levis who have had cycling friendly products for a number of years. Whilst some would see this as a risky move for Rapha, it gains an upper hand by way of its cycling heritage. The Rapha Jean is made with a hard wearing nylon specialist denim to suit the city cyclist whilst ensuring ease of movement.
rapha_citylookbook_23 Even with their  latest partnership with British department store Liberty as they prepare to launch their collection of cycling caps that are adorned with famous Liberty prints (launched Monday 21st September)  It is clear to see that Rapha’s foundation is and always will be the cyclist, proving that cycling isn’t just a lifestyle, but a way of life.

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