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As those who know me will tell you, I have recently enrolled on my Masters degree. I’m studying a subject I have a real passion for and now I’m mid way through the first week of Public Relations I am happy to say it is living up to all expectations so far. As part of one of my modules – ‘Writing in the media’ we have been asked to blog about weekly topics, so as a reflection of what I learn throughout the module I will be posting everything right here.

the news

Just like Public Relations, ‘News’ appears to have numerous definitions. We all know what it is but correctly defining it seems to be open to interpretation. One definition that caught my attention comes from a New York Times journalist in reference to how a story is deemed newsworthy. He compares the worldwide coverage of events in the Ukraine and the Middle East to that of the conservation of the Madagascan jungle. He refers to the events in the Ukraine and Middle East as:

 “real news, worthy of world attention. But where we in the news media fall down is in covering the big trends — trends that on any given day don’t amount to much but over time could be vastly more significant than we can now imagine.”

 (Fieldman, 2014)
From this quote we see that news is defined as being “worthy of world attention” but while the world must be made aware of events such as that of  Madagascan conservation and those in the Middle East, it should make us question how and who gets to decide what is newsworthy? While both events at time of publish are current and relevant, the media appears to focus on the locality of the news story and also the immediate impact of story being told.
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