Professional cycling and the need for transparency

Reputations are valuable things. In business a reputation takes years of TLC to build but can take mere minutes, if not seconds to shatter. However, it would appear that in the world of sport, while a team or individual’s reputation is important commercially, public trust, loyalty and overall perception can have a more significant impact which could make the notion of a reputation entirely redundant.

The sport at the heart of this theory is Pro Cycling.

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Maltesers and Channel 4: Looking on the lighter side of disability

I’m sure I’m not the only one who LOVES the Malteser ads which premiered during the opening of the 2016 Paralympic Games!

Maltesers were awarded £1 Million worth of airtime as part of Channel 4’s ‘Superhumans wanted’ initiative, implemented to improve on screen representation, challenge perceptions and make statements about disability. While it still seems shocking that £1Million needs to be offered to encourage people to feature disability at the heart of an ad campaign, Channel 4 are working tirelessly to increase representation of disability both on and off screen with the help of their groundbreaking show ‘The Last Leg’ and their continuing support of the Paralympic Games.

The ad campaign is based around Maltesers long standing slogan of ‘the lighter way to enjoy chocolate’ and the ads encourage viewers to look on the lighter side of life by featuring real life stories of fantastically awkward situations. My favourite being ‘New Boyfriend’ If you haven’t seen it yet, I won’t ruin it for you, all I will say is that it is BRILLIANT.


Brompton Bikes: Best of British

Every now and again a brand really grabs my attention. Whether it is their style, their values or how their promote themselves, certain brands just make me smile for all the reasons. This one just sums up everything I love about the UK’s love affair with cycling.

Brompton is the UK’s largest bike manufacturer and is as quintessentially British as having afternoon tea sat next to a corgi. conceived and built in London, the company aims to provide people confined by the sometimes claustrophobic nature of the urban concrete jungles of the UK and the world, the freedom and independence to express themselves. Continue reading

4 years

Well that went quickly.

4 years, 2 dissertations, 2 degrees, happy memories and a fresh outlook


On Thursday I handed my MA dissertation in. A project that I have loved ever second of (regardless of the blood, sweat and tears that have gone with it) and now only 5 days down the line I am already missing working on it! This sensation of post academia cold turkey has already lead me to consider the the 3 hushed letters of PhD (to be honest, these 3 letters have rarely left my thoughts in the past month) and while part of me wishes I could start the process now, I think a year away from the lecture theatre might do me good. I’m craving my first taste of a real PR job.

Hello world!

Sorry seems to be the hardest word – Management of a crisis

Hello all,

Don’t worry, I’m still here, nobody panic! Uni assignments are current taking over my day to day life so I have lifted my head out of the growing pile of books for a few seconds to say hello to the world, and what a day to do that.

As I did a quick sweep of today’s news before getting on with my work, the continuing tales of the #WarOnTerrier caught my eye. Those of you who are unaware of the story behind this witty play on words – this is the story about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard failing to declare their dogs when entering Australia last year. Depp and Heard arrived Down under yesterday sans dogs ready to head to court today. Anyone browsing online media today will undoubtedly see the pair’s video of apology. (if that is what you can call it)  The video, which looks more like a school punishment than a serious matter is a toe curling reminder that effective management of a crisis is vital to a reputation.

I’m not saying that this video will be what the next generation think of when you say the word ‘Depp’ but it may take a long time to forget – not due to the horror of their crime but their performance.We have all seen examples of poor media performances from CEO’s or politicians when we really expect them to step up and take ownership or even responsibility of the given situation but how would you react if this ‘apology’ came from a commercial brand or government office in a crisis??




There’s a Starman waiting in the sky.

Firstly, let me apologise for my blog neglect. I have been so busy with semester 1 coursework, but as we reach mid January (already?) I’m gearing up for Semester 2 now so i’ll be around a lot more.

Secondly, this isn’t going to be an easy post for me to write, nor is it going to be PR focused but after such a shock I feel I need to try and get my head around how I feel.

This week my hero died.

David Bowie has passed away… That is a sentence I never thought I would have to write and to be honest I’m not dealing with it particularly well but at the same time I am puzzled how I am supposed to grieve for someone I didn’t know or had never met…

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